Top 4 Tech Entrepreneurs in Boise Under 30 years old


In an ongoing effort to profile tech entrepreneurs at Flashrage, we wanna serve up the Boise, Idaho edition.

The tech community at Idaho was recently ranked #7 in the top ten most entrepreneur states by CNN Money. Here’s a look at the four entrepreneurs in Boise who are a large part of the reason that the state was able to claim such a spot.

Tanner Page is a young-gun doing it big in the 208 with the launch of HealthRanks.orgsupplement review site that serves the entire web real-time rankings of nutritional products. He recently took a break from college to focus on his side projects, and it paid off.

Well done.

Then there is Ryan.

Ryan R. DeLuca is the founder and CEO of the famous program, and has recently consulted with the team at Body Nutrition. With the health craze on the rise, he jumped in at just the right time. Participants buy protein powder and other supplement products. They can be a part of workout/supplement programs as well. These people can connect and share their thoughts about real nutrition and their goals/plans. The company not only sells the products, but gives a whole supporting community. They have labeled gear, and locals join together at conventions where other companies are able to sell their products in relation to what BodyBuilding does.

Through this, his business has grown into a nationwide known company with consumer all across the country. This is definitely a company that has put Boise on the map.

Stephanie Lee also works at Bodybuilding, but is a writer for the company. She is becoming well known for her passion about health and nutrition. She earned a degree in clinical nutrition and after writing about video games for a few years, realized that she wanted something more. Stephanie now is a popular writer for the company, as well as following her own creative endeavors with her Twitter account, and others. People love her personality that is shared, and the knowledge she has. She’s proving that you can write about what you love, and that it can become a well-paying job.

Pete Gombert created Bahlioo based on the idea help organizations improve their marketing performance in order to improve business results. It is now behind the digital and analog campaigns of many top brands. Before this, Pete was the founder of Enex, a software company and the co-founder of Red Celcius, another type of Software Company. He has been featured in various well known magazines, such as The Economist, and The New York Times. Obviously, Pete is an innovator. His work in the technological side of business has helped pave the way for more expansion in the industry.

Emily and Ethan Hensley are the founders of e+e photography. What started out as simply a local photography idea, turned out to be much more. Since they began, their popularity has grown and the couple currently travels around the west to capture moments. Most photography companies are local and that’s it. It takes a lot to become a well-known company outside your area. Emily and Ethan have created a company with demand. e+e photography is showing that it can become something more and that there is real talent coming out of Boise.

With Boise’s business scene on the rise, it becomes more of a central for entrepreneurs who have ideas to develop. It’s gaining a reputation as the place to start, with everything needed to have a successful start-up. Because of this, it will be interesting to see what promising innovators will bring out of the Boise area.

Did we miss any entrepreneurs under 30 in Boise? Please chime in below…

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