Top Tech Gifts To Give and Recieve: Reasons To Buy A Tactical LED Flashlight

buy a tactical LED flashlightThis is a flashlight that is designed primarily for tactical police or military use. However they are also used by civilians due to its versatility, durability and high performance. It is used for low light target identification and shooting by mounting it on the weapon. Typically they are smaller than the conventional and traditional flashlights. For maximum durability they are made of aluminum which is tough and can withstand tough environment and emit more light than the ordinary flashlights. Different models have wide range of mounts from easy clip to fit in your pocket to weapon mount which locks into place on the rails on the weapon. A good tactical flashlight is the shadowhawk x800 review. The steady beam of strobe lights shines in parallel with the bore of the weapon which illuminates potential targets. This works to blind and disorient the target.

Maneuvering tactical flashlight

To maximize your safety, you need to maneuver the flashlight in a particular manner sequence while in a dark space. While you are in a low light environment and it’s safe and convenient, turn on the main light source. If you suspect the attacker is nearby who might be having a weapon use follow this sequence.

Light on, scan the environment for threats, lights off, move then repeat.
While maneuvering in low light environment, ensure you don’t have the flashlight on the entire period. This will only serve to make you vulnerable and an easy target. The above sequence ensures your safety since the attacker will attack or shoot where they last saw the light. Turning lights on and then making a move increases the chance that you are not standing where the attacker is going to shoot.

How to use a tactical flashlight

When you are unarmed, you can still defend yourself from a potential assailant. Whenever you encounter a potential threat, shine the light strait on their face directly with particular attention to the eyes. This will cause momentary disorientation and blindness. This will buy you enough time to either engage the attacker or to flee.

If you have a gun definitely you must be able to manipulate the weapon with the flashlight. The major setback of weapon mounted flashlight is that that you have to point the target you want to illuminate which makes it unsafe. However the flashlight can be used to assess the situation without necessarily pointing the gun at a non-threat. It is recommended to utilize the Eye Index Technique. Hold the flashlight with the non-dominant hand in a position that light is by the eye as this will illuminate both the target and your gun sight. Extend the hand gun out, grip the gun tightly with the dominant hand for recoil control. Turn the flashlight on, scan and assess, turn the light off and move. If you need to shine the light to a person who is not a potential threat, bring the gun to the chest in a ready position. This prevents the gun from being taken away by any attacker you can’t see.

Reasons for carrying a tactical flash light

Next to a pocket knife, a reason to buy a tactical LED flashlight, is among the most versatile tool to carry even if you don’t plan using it for self-defense. Electrical power can go out unexpectedly for long time leaving you stumbling in the dark. This tool can save you toe snubs and time as you navigate in the apartment. This is a vital tool to outdoor enthusiasts who widely uses it during trekking, fishing and camping. It comes in handy especially if you are working as truck- driver, fire-fighter or a farmer. They are incredibly convenient and you will definitely benefit if you have one at your disposal.

Choosing the Ideal tactical flashlight

To work as self-defense tool the flashlight ought to have the following features:
–It should be small enough to fit in the pocket and no bigger than the size of the palm.
–It should be at least having an output of 120 lumens of light to be effective as a self- defense tool.
–It should be waterproof to work in all situations
–It should be simple enough to easily change brightness.
–It should be LED since incandescent bulbs get easily broken
–It should be constructed ruggedly for easy grip. The material should be tough but light preferably anodized aluminum.

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