Tru Vision Goes Mobile

It’s no easy task to lose weight, stay fit, keep energized, and maintain cariovascular health every day.  TruVision’s new mobile app aims to change all that.  By downloading the app, customers who enjoy Tru Vision products can track their progress toward health goals easily and for free.

It’s also incredibly useful for affiliates.

TruVision affiliates, imagine if you could access your back office from your phone.  Or how about gaining access to media-rich presentations anywhere you go, on the go?  Or those of you who’ve signed up for the 10K Pledge, how would you like to connect to your dashboard anytime you needed a quick motivational fix?

The new app from TruVision gives you all that plus more.

What’s the New TruVision App?

It’s a fee app that’s compatible with both Android  and IOS phones and offers team members the ability to run their TruVision business right from their phones.

Plus, while they’re busy running a business on the go, they can stay in shape using the Fitness Activity Tracker portion of the app, too.

Why an App?

One primary function of the app is accessing TruVision promotional materials when you’re on the go.  After all, you never know when opportunity will strike and you’re just dying to share the TruVision products or the TruVision money-making opportunity with someone you just ran into.

Access PowerPoint presentations on essential oils, share the TruVision mission statement via SoundCloud, or even let someone listen to a TruVision corporate call just to let them feel the excitement, the power of the organization.  Whatever you need to communicate the power of TruVision…it’s there and accessible via the new app.

Another reason for the app is the ability to stay connected to TruVision’s messaging service so you don’t miss a beat.  Stay on top of company events and see what activities are planned for the upcoming week.

How’s it Being Used?

Since the app was launched on March 4, 2015, those who’ve already downloaded it were able to keep tabs on the Oklahoma Leadership Retreat that took place in mid-March.

Some simply use it for daily inspiration.  Others use it to demonstrate the amazing level of customer service TruVision offers both its retail customers and its independent business owners, or distributors.  Either way, it’s a great selling point no matter what you’ve got in store for your clients.

Do you share your content mostly via email?  That’s also possible via the app.  Now there’s no reason to miss an email marketing opportunity just because you’re not near your PC or laptop.  It’s all doable from the palm of your hand with TruVision’s app.

Where to Get the TruVision App

You may download the app in the app stores for either IOS or Android. iPad users can also download the app for a really great interface for almost all TruVision activities, which also can connect users to services in local markets, like Las Vegas and limo companies.

The TruVision tech team will be adding more features and keeping the existing ones running smoothly over the next few months.  March 4 was the rollout for the new app, and it’s been a great success so far with lots of positive feedback from the TruVision community.

For more information on the TruVision App and TruVision products, visit their website at

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